How does an eBook or eJournal icon get Created in MANGO?
How does an eBook or eJournal icon get Created in MANGO?

FCLA, with the help of SUL catalogers, reviewed the options for identifying eBook and eJournal records and found that there was no consistent MARC encoding that would clearly delineate either. Nor was there any specific textual data element(s) that could be relied upon to exist in all the records. After much trial and error, it was determined that, *if* the record has the format Book or Journal/Serial *and* it has an 856 field with "http" (as opposed to "ftp" or "email", for example), then the eBook or eJournal icon will be displayed in Mango. Any 856 coded with indicators 42 will not trigger the eBook or eJournal icon as these are related resources.

However, there turned out to be exceptions in which an 856 was for related or supplementary content rather than for an actual eBook or eJournal. Unfortunately, it is not standard practice to put the specific text strings of "eBook" or "eJournal" (or any variant spelling) in the 856 field so, again, there was no ability to affirmatively identify these two "formats". In lieu of this, the reverse is applied. If the 856 field contains any of the text strings below, the icon will NOT display. This list will expand as more conditions are identified.

"also available online"
"also issued online"
"table of contents"
"tables of contents"
"sample text"
"book review"
"front pages"
"no longer available"
"film clip"
"film clip"
"web site"

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