What is the Workflow for Lost UB material?

On the Borrowing side, a loaned UBorrow item is deemed Lost by a number of
different methods:

1. Most libraries have the Bill to lost job setup to run automatically after a given period of time during which
several overdue notices have been sent to the patron.
2. The "Bill to Lost" job is periodically run by staff
3. The patron notifies the library that the book has been
lost, and staff can manually mark the loan in the patron's
account as Lost. This is generally not based on a time period.

Once the Loan Status has been changed to Lost and the patron has received the bill for the Lost item,
the patron will be fined according to the library's Circ Policy, generally:
- Non-refundable Overdue Fines
- Refundable Replacement Fee
- Any additional fines such as Maximum Overdue Charges

* The loan status will be changed to Lost in Circulation, but this does not reflect the status in UBorrow
In AlephILL, staff will need to change the Request's status from "Loaned to Patron" to "Lost"

To do so, highlight the Request - Select Response - Choose Response Option: Lost. See Example.

The Request will be moved to "Lost" Status for both the
Borrower and Lender.
Borrowing Status

Lending Status

How do I find Lost UBorrow loans?

Item later Returned
Borrowing Library: If the item is later recovered, please follow these steps:
- Return the item in Circ as usual. The return will change the status of the lost request to either
"Returned by Patron" or "Returned by Library", depending on the client setup/workflow.
- The return also changes the status of the Lost request on the Lending side to "Return".
- Once the Lending library receives the item, it can be checked in and the status "Closed" on both sides
as usual.

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