Upload files to media server
How do I upload files to the media server? 

Once files are copied into the test location you can publish them to production where they will be available online. 

The location of the test area is:

Move your file to the appropriate folder. One quick example:

Once your file is in the test folder it has its own URL:

Use this site to move it to production:

NOTE: You only want to select a Detailed Move & never a Full Move. 
sitemovesdetailedmove.png (726×256)

Navigate to the correct folder & select Detailed Move. 

You must leave a comment about what you are moving to production.
commentingout.JPG (764×340)

Select the right file & Make Request:

selectrightfile.png (354×101)

You will receive email notifications about the files you moved. The production URL will look like:
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