PALMM Copyright Guidelines
What are the PALMM Copyright Guidelines?

Original Web Pages

Original Web pages created for a PALMM project should carry a copyright statement at the bottom of the page:

(c) Copyright [year], [Name of University]

(c) Copyright 2000, University of South Florida


Public Domain Content

For retrospective digitization, if the source materials are in the public domain, copyright cannot be claimed in the digital reproductions.

Do not put a statement of copyright in the bibliographic record. However, a version statement is encouraged.

In MARC, use a 533 reproduction note in the format: |a Electronic reproduction. |b [Florida] : |c State University System of Florida, PALMM Project, |d [date]. |f ([Collection name]) |n Electronically reproduced by [University name] from a document held in the [Library name] at [University name], [city].

In Dublin Core, use a Rights element in the format: Electronic version created [date], [University name].


Materials Under Copyright

For retrospective digitization, if the source materials are under copyright, permission from the rights holder must be obtained to digitize the materials and make them available on the Web. Copyright remains with the original rights holder unless it is assigned or otherwise transferred to the individual University. The copyright holder may give a University permission to digitize the material and make it Web-accessible. Restrictions may be placed upon use of these materials so long as these do not negate Fair Use. The library should obtain the written permission of the copyright holder, including an agreed-upon statement of copyright and terms of use that can be entered into the bibliographic record.


In MARC, indicate copyright status in the 533 subfield n and in a 540 note, for example:

533 |n Electronically reproduced by the [University name] with permission of the author [Author name].

540 |a [Author name] holds all rights to the original version and electronic reproduction of this work.


Copyrighted materials in PALMM projects

If the source document is under copyright and digitized with permission, you should include a statement of copyright and permissions that will display with the digital object as well as in the bibliographic description.

If the object is in a system that does not have a rights declaration feature, print out the statement of copyright and permissions that was negotiated with the rights holder. Digitize this, and include it as the first page of the digitized document.

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