Item Sublibrary Workflow
Purpose & Scope

Owning (Item SubLibrOwning (Item SubLibrary) Workflowary) Workflow

Item Located in Mango – Request Placed

Storage Request_Mango.jpg (700×210)

Choose pickup location

Storage Request_Pickup_Mango.jpg (608×136)

"Call Slips for Requests" – Running daily @ intervals in Batch
- Generates Pull Slip at Sublibrary where item is located.
- Item is pulled from Shelf
- Staff “Returns” item in client
Return generates a transfer slip to Pickup Location. (recommended)
- Item is shipped to Pickup Location.
Goto Pickup Sublibrary Workflow
- Once received from Pickup Location, Staff Returns item.
End of Workflow.

NOTE: In order for this process to work as explained, the workstations used must be setup correctly in the 
Sublibrary relationship table). The Sublibrary Relationship table is the only way the system has of 
identifying your workstation as belonging to a particular sublibrary.
1 Main Law Health Science
3 Main

This means that at the workstation w/IP, Items can be loaned and returned from 
Main, Law, Health and Science – code “1”.
If the returned item is a Main item, no transfer slip will be generated. If the returned item is from 
Law, Health or Science, the item will generate a transfer slip – code “3”.

Note:"Report of In-Transit" - will list the owning sublibrary and "In-Transit to" sublibrary which will be
the pickup location. Again, information is based on workstation setup.

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