Pickup Sublibrary Workflow
Purpose & Scope
Pickup Sublibrary Workflow

Item is received at Pickup Location

- Staff check-in Items – “Return” in client.
This generates a Patron Hold Notice to Patron (item is available for Pickup) and Hold Slip to place with item on Hold Shelf.
- "Hold Shelf Report" - can be run to process items that have not been picked by X days.

Patron arrives and item is loaned to patron

Patron returns items to Pickup Location
- Return generates a transfer slip back to Item’s Sublibrary (Owning sublibrary).
- Item is shipped back to Owning Sublibrary.
- "Report of In-Transit Items" – will show Owning sublib and “In-Transit to” sublib which will be the Owning Sublib - *same.

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