Email the Arrival Letter & Print the Arrival Slip
How do I email the arrival letter & print the arrival slip? 

On the Borrowing Side, once the Shipped item has been received, 2 slips are generated.
- One is the Arrival Letter that is used to notify the patron that the item is at the pickup location, ready for them to pickup.
- The other is the Arrival Slip that can be put inside the item to sit on the Hold Shelf until the patron arrives.

If you want to have the Arrival Letter emailed to the patron, do the following.

1. Modify the print.ini file under C:\AL500...\Ill\tab:
Change the line for the Arrival Letter to Email as follows,
ArrivalLetter 00 N M arrlet.prn

2. Ensure that Normal Printing is setup under:

3. Set up your outgoing email server information (replace the example settings below with your own):
MailerName=UBorrow Department
(This setting is Optional, but Recommended - This is what will display instead of the actual email address).
(This setting is Optional - This will send a blind copy of each email sent to the address you enter - use with caution)

*NOTE: If you want to delay emailing the patron Arrival letter to allow for delivery to a different pickup location, see "How do I delay sending a UBorrow Arrival letter email?"

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