Email Problems due to Antivirus Software

Some email problems may be a result of VirusScan software blocking "Mass Emailing Worms".

If you are unable to send email and have contacted your IT dept and verified that the mail server address is correct and that no other setup is needed to accomodate new security components such as secure smtp. The problem may be with your Antivirus software.


In Mcaffee - open the Virscan Console
Console_2.jpg (638×277)

Double Click - Access Protection

Select - Anti-virus Standard Protection

Remove the check in the Block column, and add the check to the Report column of "Prevent Mass Mailing worms from sending mail"
VirusScan_2.jpg (638×390)

These instructions are for McAffee, you may need to contact your IT dept for assistance if you have another type of Antivirus software installed.
Please be sure to check with your IT dept to ensure that these changes do no violate any security policy at your institution.

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