University Basics for Setting Up Printing and Emailing

Here are the steps for setting up automatic printing of Notices and reports:
1. Coordinate with FLVC and let us know the printids that will be used. This printid determines which jobs will go to which printer. FLVC will need to add these IDs to the jobs list on the Aleph server.

The printids can be anything, but it is recommended to use a convention such as:
- For Single library Institutions: circemail, circprint, circboth (for email, print or both)
- For multi-campus/library Instititions:
maine, mainp, mainb; lawe, lawp, lawb

2. Setup the PrintIDs in the client:
- Under the Admin tab - Task Manager - Print Daemon
- Click Setup. "Print ID to Add" Window Opens
- Type in PrintID, we recommmend using the convention of: the name of the module & action (see Mail Default below)
For example: circemail, or acqprint

3. Activate the Print Daemon
- Click the Activate button. See #6 below for automatic activation instructions.

The print daemon will need to be running in the background. The Aleph server communicates with the daemon running on your PC. Your daemon tells Aleph that every time it sees a job with that specific printid,
send it to be "handled" by the print.ini.

4. Add the printid to print.ini
- Go to c:\al500...\alephcom\tab\
- Open print.ini in Notebook and add the printid as follows:
circprint 00 N P

*Note: DO NOT USE the TAB KEY. Space or use the Arrow key to correctly line up the columns.

Whereas the Print Daemon communicates with Aleph, the print.ini communicates with your PC and tells it what to do with the job.
- Version ID: this refers to different "versions" or types of the job. For example, you might have a version for faculty, staff, student.
- Display Print Setup Window: Do you want the Windows Print Setup Window to popup each time? - probably not = N
- Mail Default:
M = Email
P = Print
B = both print and email

5. Setup the mail server address if notices will be emailed. You may need to contact your IT dept for this information:
- In c:\al500...\alephcom\tab\
- Open alephcom.ini in Notebook
- Under [Mail]
MailServer= "enter your library's outgoing mail server" for example,

6. Setup the Print Daemon to be automatically activated and Deactivated when the client is open or closed.
- In c:\al500...\alephcom\tab\
- Open alephcom.ini in Notebook
- Under [PrintDaemon] (its not far from the bottom)

*This step is optional, the print daemon could be started manually from the Task Manager. However, it does need to be running in order for the slips to print automatically as they are run from the server.

Setting them to Y tells Aleph to activate the print daemon when any client is opened (circ, cat, ill, etc), and Deactivate it when all of them are closed.

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