How to delay sending a UBorrow Arrival letter email
Purpose & Scope
In some cases, there may be a delay between when a UBorrow item is Received at the borrowing library, and
when it will arrive at the pickup location. To delay sending an email to the patron to allow time for delivery, use a printid and the Task Manager:

1. Modify the print.ini file under C:\AL500...\Ill\tab, adding a unique printid to column 6.1:
Change the line for the Arrival Letter to Email as follows,
ArrivalLetter 00 N M arrlet.prn ubarrive

2. Setup the printid in the ILL module Task Manager
Print Daemon:

-Open the Aleph ILL module, and select the Administration tab. Under Task Manager, 
select the Print Daemon node.

ILL_taskmanager.gif (222×300)

-Click the Setup button.

ILL_printd_0.gif (776×188)

-Type in the printid you would like to use. It must be lowercase, letters and numbers only, no spaces. Click
Add to save the printid, then Close.

ILL_printd_setup.gif (371×235)

-In the upper pane of the Print Daemon tab, click the check box next to your newly created printid. In the
lower pane, click the checkbox next to your XXU40 library (FSU40 in this example). This tells Aleph to look in the
XXU40 library for print files ending in ".ubarrive".

-Click the Activate button when you want to email the Arrival letter.

ILL_printd_checks.gif (796×300)

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