Handling Multiple Located in Aleph ILL / UBorrow


UBorrow is an automated service in which Mango and Aleph (the backend system),  make every effort to locate the correct copy requested, at the correct library and provide the lending library all of the necessary information  to easily locate the item on the shelf, such as sublibrary, collection, call number, item barcode, title, etc.  


However, there are times when the backend system is unable to match correctly on an item and will mark the locate status as multi-located. When this happens, staff must manually check to see if they own the item, and or if it’s eligible for request, and mark the request as unfilled if not. Multiple Located may mean the system found more than one title in your library that could match the incoming request. 



How do I handle a multi-located request?


  1. Select the request and view tab 3. Request Detail. Is there a note or a specific type of requested media? If so, make a note of it.

  2. Click the Locate button on the upper right. A Search Preview screen pops up so you can preview the search the system will do.

  3. Click Locate again to perform the search.

  4. You may see the same title listed multiple times in the search results.

  5. Write down the system numbers and then Cancel this screen. Don’t click Select.

  6. Use the Bib System Numbers to go to the cataloging module and look up the bib records.

  7. Is there one that looks like it would fulfill the request? Is it the correct media type and available on the shelf?

    1. If so, pull it form the shelf to make sure you have it in hand and it is not missing from the shelf.

    2. In the ILL module, select the request and perform the Locate again.

    3. When the list of possible titles appears after the Search, click the one you are using to fill the request and then click Select.

    4. You should now be able to Ship the item.

  8. If there is no item available to fill the request, then Unfill the request and let it move on to the next potential supplier.

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