Teaching jobs at Florida Virtual Campus
How do I apply for a teaching position at Florida Virtual Campus?

Florida Virtual Campus provides an online course search and transient student admission application for courses offered by Florida’s public colleges and universities through our site at, but we do not create the courses ourselves or hire instructors. 

You can, however find more information, including websites and contact details, about the institutions that list courses on our site through our college and university profile search:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the "Go to College" menu
  3. Select "Explore Colleges & Universities"
  4. Enter search term(s) at bottom of page (or leave blank to list all institutions) and select Search button

The homepage link for each institution will be in the inks section near the end of each detailed profile, and each institution’s site will have its own jobs listing or HR page.

Additional Documentation
Direct link to Institution Profile search, listing all institutions (active 1/27/2016):