The Bright Futures Evaluation login can be found here:

Click the "Check Now" button under the Bright Futures Scholarships heading and the login window will appear.  Select your District from the dropdown menu then enter your last name and identification numbers in the boxes.  Your identification number can be one of two things:

  • Your Social Security Number with a capital X at the end and no punctuation or spaces (Alphabetical login)
  • A ten (10) digit number provided by your school.  This number is composed of your 2-digit school district code followed by your student number, commonly on your report card.  If this number is less than ten (10) digits add an appropriate amount of zeros between the district code and your student number.  If you do not know your district code, please consult this page:   (Numeric login)

If you have questions regarding the information contained on your Bright Futures evaluation, please contact your school guidance counselor or the Florida Department of Education Bright Futures office directly.