Educator/Teacher account on MyCareerShines
How do I request a teacher, counselor or administrator account for MyCareerShines?

The MyCareerShines main contact at your school or career center can create an administrative account for you. Please contact your school or career center administration to find out who your MyCareerShines main contact is. 

If you are a teacher or school guidance counselor and unable to find a contact in your school administration, your school district office should be able to help.

If you don't have or can't locate a MyCareerShines main contact, please contact or call 877-999-6227.

School and career center educators and officials who already have an organization access code and password may set up an account for themselves by using the link at

Additional Documentation
The MyCareerShines partner training site contains training links and other information about MyCareerShines for educators and administrators:

Shortcut to ADMS account registration (valid as of 9/21/2016):