Email notifications in Aleph
How do I configure Aleph to send email notifications?

Various types of e-mail notifications can be generated in the Aleph client for circulation and acquisitions purposes. Libraries may choose to implement one or more of these notifications.  Notifications will be e-mailed from the college’s e-mail server, not from FLVC’s servers. Before beginning configuration, be sure to have the following available:

  • The name of the college’s e-mail SMTP server that will be used to send e-mail.
  • The e-mail address that will be used to send e-mail from the college’s e-mail server.
  • The e-mail address name that will appear as the “From” name for outgoing e-mails.

The documentation at the links below, in the respective sections by functional area, includes information about the necessary configuration. 

Additional Documentation



  • Aleph, v.20
  • College
  • Local SMTP server