Managing serial bibliographic records in the shared bibliographic database
How do I manage serial bib records in the shared bib database

Bibliographic records for serials change periodically, based on changes in details about the publication. Some maintenance actions may affect the holdings of several institutions.  Follow the guidelines in the SUS Database Guidelines when working with serials in the shared bib database.

The nature of serials cataloging means there will be cases in which no decision can be arrived at easily. Use the discussion list to describe the changes noticed in serial bibliographic records and to inform other institutions that may have holdings on specific bibliographic records.  SERCLIENT-L was originally created as a means for the universities to share information about serial bibliographic records in the shared bib environment. It is open to both college or university library staff.  KB article KBA-01507-Q0Q4 provides more information about SERCLIENT-L, including how to subscribe.

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