Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange, which is a standard for the electronic exchange between computer systems of business documents, such as invoices and purchase orders. EDI is a component of the Acquisitions/Serials module in ALEPH.

Several standards exist for producing and sending EDI messages. ALEPH 500 works with the UN/EDIFACT standard. EDItEUR is a subset of UN/EDIFACT, selected and accommodated for the commerce in books and serials by the international group that coordinates the development of the standards infrastructure for electronic commerce in the book and serials industries.

Additional Documentation
There are several configuration tables that must be edited in order for an institution to use the EDI functionality and information about the vendor must be entered in the vendor record. College library staff should submit Form 021, Electronic Ordering: EDI Vendor Setup to the Help Desk to begin the process of system configuration. This form identifies the information required for EDI to work. FLVC either has or can help obtain this information if library staff don't have it. 

There are Acquisitions help sheets describing the configuration and workflow for doing EDI with Baker & Taylor, Coutts, Ingram, Midwest, and Yankee Book Peddler. There is a help sheet describing the EDI invoicing process.