SpineLabel Client

SpineLabel is a PC printing application that works in conjunction with the Aleph clients spine label functionality to print sheets of spine labels. It was developed at UF for local use but is freely shared with other institutions with the understanding that the program will be used as is with no expectation of future enhancements or maintenance by UF.

To install and correctly configure the software download, which will expand to reveal the setup.exe, and the two Word documents which contain instructions for printing and previewing the spine labels: SpineLabelPrint.doc and SpineLabelView.doc

Call number prefixes are controlled by a table on the server and must be setup by FLVC. See "Contact" below for arranging to have the table for prefixes defined.

You will need to authenticate with your Aleph ID and Password to download the resources below.


SpineLabel (UF) application


Instructions for Using SpineLabel for Printing


Instructions for Using SpineLabel for Previewing Labels



Additional Documentation