Aleph Connexion Client Setup

The instructions outlined below are for configuring OCLC’s Connexion Browser (web) and Connexion Client software to allow online downloading of records into Aleph. In order to be successful in downloading, you must use the appropriate “host address” and “port number” for your institution and the region (server) that you intend to load records. In order to use the following addresses and ports, certain Aleph configuration tables must be set up on the server and, additionally, the oclc_server must be running. If an export cannot be performed using the information below, please contact the Help Desk at to explain the problem. Click on the link to access instructions, host address and ports. You will be asked to login with your Aleph user ID and password.


Host Addresses and Port


            Host address = [Production]

            Host address = [Test]

            Port = 7525 [Production and Test]

 **The instructions at explain where in the Connexion clients’ settings the host address and port should be added. The Web client is explained first and then later in the document the PC Connexion Client is explained.

Additional Documentation