Delay Emailing Hold Request Letter
Purpose & Scope

Depending on the workflow at your library, you may want to delay emailing the hold request letter to the patron until the item has actually reached the hold shelf.  

This is particularly important in a situation where the item needs to be shipped between campuses, and is received at one location in the library before reaching the Hold Shelf in the Access Services area.

On the pc where incoming hold request items are processed, do the following.


If you have not already done so, follow the steps in Step 1:

1.  See the setup steps for Emailing the Hold Request Letter and Printing the Hold Request Slip,

*Ignore Step 6.

2. Setup a PrintID in the client:

- Under the Admin tab - Task Manager - Print Daemon
- Click Setup.  "Print ID Setup" Window Opens
- Type in PrintID  (any name up to 10 characters)
- Select AddPrint Daemon2.jpg (682×321)


3.  Modify C:\AL500_SBXXPROD\Circ\tab\Print.ini

- Add the PrintID you just created to Col 6.1, at the end of line:

ReturnHold01                             00 N M rethold.prn

Once you've completed this part of the setup, you are ready to process requests.  Simply Return them in the Circ client.  You should get a pop-up message informing you that the  item has a hold.  Then 2 things will happen:

a. The Hold Request letter will be generated.  It will be saved to FileList, usually with the format savXXXX.printid (with whatever printid you specified in step 2.)  Once you activate the PrintDaemon, the letter will be emailed.

b.  The Hold Request Slip will also be generated.  It should print automatically.

4.  Once the items have reached the Hold Shelf, you can then activate the Print Daemon to email the letters.

Do the following. See the image under Step 2.  

- Be sure to check the box next to the Printid you just created.

- Be sure to check the box next to your Library.  For Circ, you should check your 2 character institution code, 50 library or XXU50

- Select "Activate" on right side.

*Note:  Under Step 1, the setup process for  Emailing/Printing the Hold Request Letter/Slip includes a last step about automatically activating and deactivaing the Print Dameon.  For Delayed email of the Hold Request Letter, you want to skip that step (step 6).  You should only activate the print daemon when you are ready for the letters to be emailed.


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