Hold Request Workflow for Unavailable Items

What is the Hold Requests Workflow for Unavailable items?


Request for an item that is unavailable (On Loan) to be placed on Hold.

Item Located in Mango - Hold Placed Place Hold_Mango.jpg (721×239)

"Recall Items on Loan" job – Running daily in Batch 
a. Changes Due date based on settings in circ policy
b. Sends out letter to current Borrower – item has been recalled, please return by new due date
c. Changes “Requested” Status to “Recalled”

Item Returned by Current Borrower
a. Return generates email notice for Requester – Item Available for Pickup
b. Hold Slip is generated for Item to be put on Hold Shelf
c. Request Status changes to “On Hold”

"Hold Shelf Report" – Running regularly in Batch
a. If items have been on Hold Shelf and not picked up after X days
i. Notify Patron that item will be removed from Hold
ii. Delete Hold
iii. Notify Next requester that item is available (if applicable)

Requesting Patron comes in to Pick Up Item 
a. Item is loaned to Patron

End of Request Workflow

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