How to setup a Workstation Identifier
Purpose & Scope

Loan and Return functions in Aleph are controlled by the Workstation IP address

or special Aleph Station Identifier, or Workstation Identifier.


Workstation Identifiers are useful when:

o Static IP address are not available/cannot be used

o Users want loan/return access at different workstations, ie., desktops &

laptops, inventory systems, etc.


To set up a workstation identifier, do the following:

1. In the Circ Client, right click on the Profile Key , located in the lower right hand side of the client.

2. Select “Set Workstation Identifier”, and enter a New Station ID. The ID can be any combination of characters (alphanumerics), up to 20 characters in length.

3. Notify FCLA via the Circ Queue in RT (Problem Reporting System) so that the workstation can be added to the configuration table (tab_attr_sub_library).

4. As with any modification to the client settings, the client must be stopped and restarted

before the change will take effect.

NOTE: We have noticed that in some cases, after the Workstation ID has been set and the

PC restarted the first time , the ID is no longer there. After restarting the PC, please

doublecheck the ID. If its not there, just add it again, and then continue with the loan or


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