Setting up a New Item for Circulation

In order to loan a new type of item in loan, FLVC will need a few questions answered to properly setup the item. Questions about how the item will be handled:

   1. Which Sublibrary will the item belong?

   2. Which Collection will the item belong?

   3. What is the display name for the item?

Note: It is possible to have a display name in the client that is different than in Mango/OPAC

   4.  Will the item be loaned?

   5.  Will the item be renewed? 

   6.  Will Hold or Recall Requests be allowed?

Questions about how the circ policy for the patron borrowing the item

   1. Will all patrons be allowed to borrow the item, or will it be limited to certain patron statuses?

   2. What is the loan period?   Will it be the same loan period for all patron statuses? (Perhaps longer for faculty)

   3.  Do you want to limit the number of loans/holds/renewals for certain patron statues? 

Overdue fine related

   1. Will you charge Overdue fines?  If so, how much?

   2. Will you allow a Grace Period?  

   3. If you allow Recalls, do you want to charge an additional fine for overdue Recalled items?  If so, how much?

This is not a comprehensive list of all of the options for new items, but it does include the most commonly needed questions for the majority of item types.  

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