Fiscal Year Rollover

Acquisitions staff can coordinate a time with FCLA for the FY rollover anytime after June 30th. A new option in the rollover services was available with v.18. You can now filter by Order Unit or Sublibrary, depending on your Acquisitions setup, to rollover and re-encumber specific budgets and orders. However, I would strongly encourage everyone to continue the institution wide coordination of the FY rollover. If anyone is interested in this option, please contact me so we can discuss the various issues involved.

Budget Rollover is a document that explains the various end of fiscal year services:
1) Open Annual Budget (acq-05) creates new annual budgets with a new suffix for the new year (Books-2013). The budget must be marked as an Annual Budget for the new year budget to be created. There is an option for the new annual budget to be created without an initial allocation or the same amount as the previous year. This service must be run first in the sequence.
2) Renew Order Encumbrance for Monograph (acq-06-a) checks for annual budgets that have been encumbered for each order with an open order status. If the encumbrance for the order is still active, the encumbrance will be assigned to the new year's budget.
3) Renew Order Encumbrances for Serials and Standing Orders (acq-06-b) same as service for monographs. Must be run twice, once for Serials and once for S/O.
4) Transfer Remaining Balance (acq-07) has the option of transferring the funds remaining in the annual budgets at the end of the year to the new year's annual budgets. If you do not transfer the remaining funds, the service can also be used for changing the status of all the old budgets to NA, non-active.

We recommend doing your initial testing in Test since this will give you an opportunity to view how the services affect your data and will create your new budgets for updating your Test database. In addition the Acquisitions' ARROW clean-up reports are available that will identify aging invoices, incomplete orders and aging SV orders. Hopefully these will help you to identify invoices and orders that need some sort of status change to ensure their proper rollover. For example, a listing of SV orders that are paid and/or arrived but not closed.

When you're ready to run the year-end services in Production, please let Ellen Bishop know and she'll back-up appropriate Oracle tables just in case there's a problem, and will put the rollover services on your Production client Services menu.

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