Accounts Payable Feed

APFeed (Accounts Payable Feed) is an interface program written by FCLA to transfer invoice data from Aleph to either Banner or PeopleSoft. Here's the basics:

  • The interface utilizes the Service, Invoice Report (acq-10), in the Acquisitions Module.
  • Data needed for PeopleSoft or Banner is input in the General Invoice form so it will display in the XML output of the Report File from acq-10.
  • The APfeed program reads a tab delimited text file that is based on chartfields with default data and XML data from acq-10 output to create a flat .dat file for transmission.
  • The file is picked up from FLVC's server by the library system’s office via FTP, encrypted and transmitted via FTP to the universities’ Accounts Payable office.

Go to the powerpoint presentation APfeed for a complete description of the process and the coordination involved among the various agencies. Note: The presentation references PeopleSoft, but the procedures are the same for Banner Financials.

Institutions currently using the interface:

  • UF - with PeopleSoft
  • FIU - with PeopleSoft
  • UNF - with Banner
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