How do I process renewal requests in the ILL module?
How do I process renewal requests in the ILL module?

The following is a step-by-step guide to processing renewal requests in the Aleph Interlibrary Loan (ILL) module. The borrowing library will need to send a message to the lending library to request the renewal for the loaned item. The lending library will need to monitor the Request for Renew message status in order to answer renewal requests in a timely manner.


Step 1: Borrower Places Renewal Request

First, the borrowing library requests a renewal for an item borrowed from another library. The renewal request is placed by using the Response option. Select Renew from the list of possible messages to the lending library. Indicate a new desired due date, and click OK to submit.

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The status of the request will change to Waiting for Renewal Reply. It will appear in the Status Tree under Renewed (even though it has not yet been renewed by the lender).

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Step 2: Lender Receives the Renewal Message

The lending library will receive the message from the borrowing library requesting the renewal on the item. The message will appear in the Status Tree, under Received Messages, as Request for Renew. The status of the request will not change at the lending library; the message will be the only indication that there has been a request for renewal on an item. It is imperative that lending libraries monitor and respond to these requests for renewal.

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Step 3: Lender Answers the Renewal Request

The lending library must answer the renewal request. To do this, click the Response button and select Renew Answer as the response option. If the loan will not be renewed, select No, and the original due date will still apply. If the loan will be renewed, select Yes and enter the new due date for the loan. Click OK to submit.

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If the request for renewal was approved and a new due date was entered, it will be reflected in the Aleph ILL module under the Request Details tab. The borrowing library’s loan will also be updated automatically.

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Step 4: Lender Deletes Renewal Message

Once the renewal request has been answered, the message is no longer necessary. The lending library should delete the message in order to make the Request for Renew message accurate and easier to follow. To delete the message, select the Request for Renew status, highlight the message and click Dismiss. This will delete the message, but it will not delete the ILL request.

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Once the message is dismissed, the Request for Renew message total should read zero. (You may have to click Request for Renew again in the Messages tree to see the message actually disappear.) This way, the lending library will be able to tell immediately if there has been a new request for renewal, and it will be easier to respond in a timely manner.

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Step 5: Borrower Requests Status Changes

If the lender answered No to the renewal request, the request status at the borrowing library will change to Renewal Rejected. If the lender approved the renewal, the status will change to Renewal Accepted. The patron’s loan will also be updated automatically with the new due date provided by the lender in the Renewal Accepted message.

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