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How do I edit the Aleph calendar table?

The library calendar is used in determining due dates and time. Regular loan items become due at the closing time on the due date. If the library is closed on the due date, the item will be due at closing time of the next open day.

Hourly loan items will be due at their default time or at closing of the same day if that closing is sooner than the default loan period. This default for hourly loans can be adjusted by item status so that the items will become due at opening the next day instead of closing the same day. The policy file can be changed by the FLVC Help Desk, upon request.

Items can be loaned on days the library is closed according to the calendar. Items will not become due on a closed day. If an hourly item is loaned on a closed day, it will become due immediately. 

The calendar should be reviewed and updated each semester, or more frequently if needed. All library staff should have the privileges to view the calendar. Selected library staff are given privileges to update the calendar. Changes to the calendar take effect the next day. Contact the FLVC Help Desk if the staff member assigned responsibility for the calendar cannot update it.

To access the calendar

1.      In the Circulation module, click the Loan tab and select the Open Hours node.

2.      When Open Hours is selected, the system generates a message listing all sublibraries that will be affected if a change is made to the calendar. Click OK.

3.      To view a different calendar, select another sublibrary from the Sub Library drop-down menu. Note that each sublibrary (campus) may have its own calendar, or one campus may have a calendar that applies to several other campuses. The system will display a message the sublibraries that will be affected when the calendar is changed.

To view the calendar

1.      If the logged-in user account does not include edit privileges, an error message will appear when the Open Hours node is selected.image002.jpg (529×250)

2.      Click OK and continue to view the library Open Hours. Changes will not be saved.image004.jpg (515×196)


To edit the calendar

1.      In the Sub Library drop-down list, select the appropriate campus.

2.      Read the message that lists the campuses whose calendar will be changed. These campuses have been placed in a group and designated as using the same calendar. Note that the campuses in the group can be changed. Contact the FLVC Help Desk if one calendar is no longer relevant to all campuses in the group.

3.      Click the Weekly Schedule tab. These are the library’s normal operating hours.

4.      Select Open or Closed beside each day of the week.

5.      Enter the library’s Opening and Closing hours. Enter times using the 24-hour format (e.g., 10:00 PM is 22:00).image006.jpg (539×199)


6.      Click Apply to save changes, Cancel to abandon changes, or Clear All to clear everything and start over.

Note: If you select Clear All, you must also click Apply to save the change, or Cancel to abandon the change. When Apply is clicked, the system will display a message asking you to confirm that you want to make the change.


7.      Click the Exceptions tab. List all days that are an exception to the library’s normal operating hours, as listed in the Weekly Schedule tab. This includes days when the library is closed or has shortened hours due to holidays or semester breaks.

8.      In the Sub Library drop-down list, select the appropriate campus.

9.      Edit the dates and times directly in the table by double-clicking in each box and entering new dates and times.

image008.jpg (539×117)


§   To access a pop-up calendar and comment box, select the line to edit and then click Edit Line.

image010.jpg (302×132)


image012.jpg (152×140)

§   View comments by hovering the mouse over the line:

image014.jpg (455×152) 

§   If the library is always closed for July 4th, leave the year blank. The Closed date will apply for every year. Always apply Closed Day, regardless of year.image016.jpg (476×97)


§   To add a single date, enter the date in the From columns but not in the To columns.

image018.jpg (476×90)


10.   Click Apply to save changes, Cancel to abandon changes, or Clear All to clear everything and start over. Note: Changes to the calendar take effect the next day.


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