Spine label printer settings for UMDPrint
How do I configure spine label printer settings using UMDPrint?
FLVC provides enhanced spine label printing through UMDPrint. UMDPrint is a third-party application, developed by Kyle Harriss at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, that provides control of almost all aspects of creating and printing “one-up” spine labels including font size, font type, bold, italics, number of duplicate labels, margins, and the insertion of collection and/or description information. UMDPrint will also print pocket labels, although the amount of information that the pocket label can contain is limited. UMDPrint has been tested with all Aleph-compatible printers; no changes in label stock are needed.

UMDPrint allows users to manage margin settings and does not depend on Microsoft Internet Explorer. See the Help Sheet: Configuring Spine Labels for UMDPrint.

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