What is the inventory process?
What is the inventory process?

The FLVC inventory process helps libraries manage collections by providing automated reports to help synchronize the Aleph database with items on library shelves. The inventory process allows library staff to identify items that are missing from shelves or shelved incorrectly.

The process can be completed in two ways: as a batch process or through online marking. Both procedures allow library staff to identify a shelf range that needs to be inventoried, scan the items for that range, and then run various reports that compare the scanned items to the actual item records in Aleph. Both procedures also identify misshelved items in the range.

The batch inventory process involves scanning item barcodes in a text file, uploading that file to the FLVC server, and then running reports from the file. The online marking process involves using the Inventory Marking feature in the Cataloging module to scan item barcodes directly in Aleph and then running reports.

Note: The inventory process for each shelf range should be completed as quickly as possible. The goal is to synchronize items on the shelves with information in Aleph. Circulation and tech services activity may affect items on the shelves. The longer it takes to complete the process, the greater the chance of discrepancies in the reports as the inventory will no longer reflect an accurate view of items on the shelves.

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