How to give a PC permission to Circulate items in Aleph

Permission to Loan and/or Return items must be setup on each PC.

On Campus:
Universities must provide to FALSC the static IP address for each workstation.
Colleges must use a pre-defined 5-character Workstation ID associated with your campus or library (check with FALSC if you need a new one created).

Off Campus:
Workstation IDs are available for all colleges and universities:

There are 3 commonly used Circulation permissions:
1 = loan and return
2 = return only
3 = return to a sublibrary without creating a transfer slip.  This is commonly be used for returns to a sublibrary within a larger library, ie., Special Collections department within a Main library, where there may be no need to generate a transfer slips. Transfer slip might be needed for libraries that are physically located in different buildings or regions.

Alternatively, for situations where a campus does not have static IP addresses, or where a user may need circulation access at different workstations, ie, laptops, inventory, etc., a workstation identifier can be used. Click here for more information: WorkStation Identifier

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