How to Email the Hold Request Letter to Patron and Print the Hold Request Slip

The best scenario for most libraries is to email the Letter to the patron and print the slip to be put with the book.

For Hold requests, the item is returned in either of the following scenarios:
1. The item is on loan or otherwise unavailable (ie., at bindery). A hold request is placed on the item, and later the item is returned or becomes available, and is returned. Or
2. The item is always available, ex. Storage items, and as part of the workflow the item is returned.

When the item is returned, two notices are generated. Here is the setup that you must have on the PC that handles reports and notices.
1. In the Circ Client - Aleph - Options - Setup up Return Options - make sure Display List of Hold Requests is checked.

2. In Circ/tab/print.ini
ReturnHold01 00 N M rethold.prn

3. Print preference in client is set to "Normal Printing". To check this do the following:
in c:/AL500_XXProd/Alephcom/tab/Alephcom.ini
DefaultPrintConfig=0 (to ensure that this will be setting each time the client is started).

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