University - Updating Your Aleph Client with Version Check
Purpose & Scope
This article explains how a university user would update their Aleph client after a service pack.

With the implementation of each service pack will come the need to update clients installed on all staff workstations at your institution. In order to update the staff clients we will push out the various update files by "Version Check" (mainly .exe files that must be updated to insure correct client behavior and configuration files, i.e., .dat or .ini). After the service pack is installed the update files to be pushed to the clients will be placed in the special "Version Check" directories in preparation for staff to pull the files over to their PCs. There are two ways of handling version check in the Aleph client (1) automatic check when the client application is opened, staff accepts the files when prompted (2) manually launching version check from the "Aleph/Version Check" menu option of any client and accepting the detected files. In order to successfully detect and retrieve the update files the Version check "Type" setting must correspond to the special directory where the files are located on the server. All clients currently posted at University Client Page were packaged with the version check type setting following this pattern: xx_updates

Where xx is the institution code for your university: am (FAMU), cf (UCF), fa (FAU), fi (FIU), fs (FSU), gc (FGCU), nc (New College), nf (UNF), sf (USF), wf (UWF), uf (UF)

e.g., for FAMU the Type would equal am_updates

The type setting can be changed within the client so be sure to have staff verify that the appropriate code for your institution is present. If not they should add the code and click the "Change Type" button. Changes made to the type setting within the client persists until they are changed once again.

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