How do I fix a Saxon error?

You may experience "Saxon" error messages when using XML functions, ie. view and print Aleph reports. Saxon is a xml parser that comes with the Aleph GUI client, it requires Java Runtime Environment, which is not distributed with Aleph v18 and higher versions. In other words, you may need to install JRE or JVM separately from the Aleph client in order to get the XML functions to work correctly if you haven't installed JRE/JVM on your machine before.


Here are the instructions: Go to, scroll down the list and find "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) ". Click "Download" button. In the next page, click "Accept License agreement", then under "Windows platform", click "Windows Online Installation, Multi-language". After you have downloaded the file to your local hard drive, double click it and it will start the installation process. Follow all default settings to install the software. You may need to reboot your computer.

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