Analytics is accessible in Alma from the Main Menu

Logging into Alma or Primo Analytics requires a user to be logged into Alma and that their current session of Alma to remain active.
If you try & access Analytics & run into the Oracle login screen then your session in Alma may have expired.
This is what that screen looks like

The best thing to do is
-Close the tab or window that has the Oracle login screen
-Go back to your Alma tab & log out of Alma
-You may need to hit refresh to get the login screen back up 
-Log back into Alma 
-Access Analytics from the main menu 
This may also come up when trying to access Analytics Objects List. You will still need to sign out & back into Alma & then select Access Analytics before trying to select the Analytics Objects List. 
Please note that you always need to log out of Alma anytime you see the Oracle login screen.