Financial Aid disbursement always comes from the home institution (where you are currently enrolled), so you do not need to apply financial aid with your host school (where you would like to take the transient class) or submit a new FAFSA. When you fill out your Transient Student Admission Application, you may see this question: 

Do you want to proceed with the Transient Student Admission Application if you or any of the requested courses are not approved for financial aid?

If you select Yes, and financial aid does not approve your application, it will still be sent to the host school for review. Your tuition for the transient course(s) will need to be paid out of pocket. If you select No and financial aid does not approve your application, it will not proceed to the host school and your application will be considered Not Approved.

For more information regarding the financial aid process for transient courses, please contact the financial aid department at your home institution. 

Important: Students receiving financial aid must be prepared to pay tuition for transient courses out of pocket. Students will be reimbursed when their financial aid is disbursed, which may occur after payment deadlines and add/drop periods.


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