Typically, once you submit your application, it is automatically routed to your academic advisor, then to your home institution's (where you are pursuing your degree) registrar, and finally to the financial aid office (if you have requested aid.) Once all department at the home institution have approved the application, it is sent to the host school (where you wish to take the course) for final approval. Depending on your program and your school's policies one or more program advisors at either or both schools may also be involved.

You will receive an email as each step of the approval process is completed, listing the officials who still need to approve. You may also log in to view your application at any time to check the status at:

Immediately after you submit the form, you may notice the new blank fields that advisor will use. You can see these, but not make changes to them.

An official can only see the form when all preceding steps have been completed. E.g.: Your financial aid office will not know your application exists until your academic advisor approves it. Likewise, your host school will not receive it until every step at your home school is complete.