The following jobs must be run to close the current fiscal year and roll over to the next fiscal year:

  1. Rollover Ledger
    • Copies the ledgers from the closing fiscal period to the next fiscal period
    • Ledgers are not required to be rolled over on the day they expire if the current ledger has extended the:
      • Fiscal period end encumbrance grace periods
      • Fiscal period end expenditure grace periods
  2. Rollover PO Lines
    • Copies PO lines encumbrances from the closing fiscal period to the next fiscal period
    • The following order types are rolled over during fiscal period closure if they have active encumbrances associated with them:
      • Continuous/Subscription orders
      • Standing orders
      • One-Time PO Lines that are not “fully invoiced”
    • "Active” encumbrances are what drives which POLs will rollover:
      • POL or PO status does not impact rollover 
      • The “Receive” or “Activation” status does not impact POL rollover

Considerations when rolling over the fiscal year:

  • Technical, Gift, or Depository Acquisition Methods that are not associated with funds and they will not roll over 
    • These Acquisition Methods do not need to have an invoice statuses of “Fully Invoiced” because they do not rollover
  • Alma will always associate credits and invoices with the fiscal year in which the purchase occurred
  • Do not make changes to holdings records while the fiscal year is being rolled over:
    • It may prevent POLs from being rolled over or
    • Changes may not be saved

For additional information and instructions, please see Alma Acquisitions Resource Guide - Fiscal Year Rollover: