Managing Alma User Roles involves:
  • Add User: Creating new accounts for users or adding roles to an account that only has the Patron role
  • Modify User: Updating accounts with existing staff roles by adding or removing specific roles
  • Delete User: Removing all roles except Patron for users that no longer work in the library

The management of Alma user roles can be done two different ways depending upon the institution. While many libraries rely on FLVC staff to maintain their staff user roles, several others have trained library staff that do this work for their institution. Those that do their own user roles should have local protocols and procedures to follow. Staff should check with their ILS Coordinator on whether their library's user roles are maintained by FLVC or locally by a staff member. Please see the following Libguide pages for more information and the form/worksheet to submit a user request.

Managing Alma User Roles: 
Current ILS Coordinators: