Digital Theatre Plus URLs utilize these basic features:

Home Page URL:
Direct Video URL (when not authenticated):
Direct Video URL (when authenticated):

In the Direct Video URLs, everything after the / is the actual video information:

To make a direct link to a video, combine the Home Page URL ( with the video information (/education/collections/rsc/the-tempest) then put the resulting link through the OpeAthens Link Generator.

Fully Combined URL before Link Generator:
URL after Link Generator (using EFSC as an example):


PLEASE NOTE (last updated 3/2/2021)

There is an oddity with DT+ direct links where a user will appear to not be logged in if they have not visited the DT+ site in the past and established a cookie.  Refreshing the page will fix this issue and allow for video playback.  So long as the cookie is maintained in the user’s browser, future visits to a direct link will bypass the need for the refresh. 


Additional Resources:  FALSC OpenAthens Libguide