LINCC Reports Service (LRS) reports ( can be printed from the web browser or by copying them to Excel.  To copy a LRS report to Excel:

  1. After locating the report you wish to copy to Excel, click either the Display or Download button to view the report.
  2. Click within the report (yellow section) then either use the "select all" keyboard shortcut (CTRL+A) or click and drag so the desired contents of the report are highlighted.  Ensure that the green section at the top of the page is not highlighted as well.
    Highlighting only the report (yellow, bottom part of page)
  3. Either use the "copy" keyboard shortcut (CTRL+C) or your browser's copy function.
  4. Open Excel and click on the cell where you would like the report to start.
  5. Either use the "paste" keyboard shortcut (CTRL+V) or Excel's paste icon and the report will be pasted into the spreadsheet.
    Paste report into Excel