KBA-01682-L2S0 FDA Archiving Workflow

KBA-01246-X8M5 Formats supported by the FDA

KBA-01662-G0N9 FDA Preservation Strategies by File Format

KBA-01661-X4H8 FDA Preservation Support Levels

KBA-01664-N3Y4 FDA Glossary of Archival Terms

KBA-01681-Q0D6 FDA Action Plans & Background Reports

KBA-01295-Z0T0 What's the difference between FDA "Confidence Level" and "Support Level"?

KBA-01253-S1T0 What is the FLVC doing to prepare the FDA for ultimate certification as a trustworthy digital repository?

KBA-01262-L2K2 What is file "normalization" and does the FDA retain normalized versions of files?

KBA-01263-B7X0 How to work with disseminated packages

KBA-01254-B8K3 How can I access and search the Florida Digital Archive?

KBA-01734-S1B2 What is PREMIS metadata?

KBA-01258-V1C5 Who is eligible to use the services of the Florida Digital Archive?