What is PREMIS metadata?
What is PREMIS metadata?

PREMIS (Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies) provides a "comprehensive, practical resource for implementing preservation metadata in digital preservation systems.  The Data Dictionary defines preservation metadata that:

  •  Supports the viability, renderability, understandability, authenticity, and identity of digital objects in a preservation context;
  •  Represents the information most preservation repositories need to know to preserve digital materials over the long term;
  • Emphasizes "implementable metadata":  rigorously defined, supported by guidelines for creation, management, and use, and oriented toward automated workflows; and,
  • Embodies technical neutrality:  no assumptions made about preservation technologies, strategies, metadata storage and management, etc."



The PREMIS Editorial Committee has defined a conformance statement that defines a set of principles governing a conformant implementation of the PREMIS Data Dictionary.  According to this set of standards, the FDA's DAITSS software meets the highest level of PREMIS conformance.

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