T010 Title Count report numbers for the annual Academic Library Survey of the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)
Why are we using the T010 Title Count report instead of the I023 Item Count report for the IPEDS survey due in March, 2017? If the numbers changed between the July and October reports, which should I use, and what do I do if I get a flag for entering numbers lower than those on last year's survey? 
The IPEDS Academic Library Survey made a deliberate change this year to count titles instead of volumes. Especially for multi-campus institutions, that results in a significant drop from previous surveys. This was a deliberate change and not an error in nomenclature. 

We re-ran the T010 report in early October to exclude the collection sort so we could more easily grab the data for the IPEDS report. While the report used a date of 6/30/16 as the ending date for items added, if items were deleted or changed between July 1 and when the report was re-run on Oct. 11 there could be some changes in the numbers. It usually isn’t significant. You may use whichever report you want to.  

If you get flagged for your response, you can indicate that it was due to the change in counting titles instead of items.
Additional Documentation
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