Editing a transient student admission application
How can I edit my transient student admission application after it's been submitted?

Applications that have already been fully approved or disapproved cannot be edited. If you need to make changes to an approved or disapproved application, submit a new, corrected application with a note in the Student Comments field describing the situation.

Editing an application already in progress starts the approval process over. If you've already received partial approval for your application, consider carefully before taking this step. If you just need to add an additional course to your request, you may submit an additional new application without affecting your original one.

To edit an application with an "in progress" status:

  1. Log back in where you originally created your transient student admission application (https://www.floridashines.org/succeed-in-college/take-a-course-at-another-school)
  2. Select the link from the application list on the left 
  3. Select the "EDIT this application" link at the top. 
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