Setting Aleph Client Permissions in Windows
                   Use the following steps to resolve permissions-related problems between LINCC Aleph client

software and Windows XP, Vista, or 7.


To set LINCC client permissions in Windows XP, Vista, or 7:


1.  Log on to the workstation as an Administrator. In My Computer, select the local hard


2.  Right-click the folder named LINCC_20.1.r1_XXX (where XXX is the three-letter

college code), and then click Properties. (Note: This folder may also be named


3.  In the Properties window that appears, click the Security tab.

· In Windows Vista, select Edit. Then, in the User Account Control box, select


· In Windows 7, select Edit.

4.  In the Group or user names box, select Users.

5.  In the Permissions for Users box, select the Allow check box next to Modify.

6.  Click OK to save the settings. All users of the workstation now have full access to this

directory and related subdirectories.

7.  Repeat these procedures for the Temp directory on the local drive to give users full

access to the subdirectory C:\temp\Aleph.


Additional Steps

·  If the UMDPrint program has been installed for printing spine labels, set Full Control

permissions for C:\UMDprint and related subdirectories.

·  Log on as a user to test the permission settings.


Note: If you have applied these steps, but continue to see the Version Check notification

window, the LINCC client software may need to be completely uninstalled and reinstalled with

complete administrative rights. Before reinstalling the client, ensure that the staff member

currently logged on to Windows has administrative rights. Contact the FLVC Help Desk for


Additional Documentation